BDI Resources

The BDI Program offers capacity building services, resources, information on contracting opportunities, and assistance with capabilitystatements. 

Program Guides

  • BDI Program Provisions Guides (Effective as of July 2022)

  • The following BDI Program Provisions Guides will remain in effect for all contracts and existing projects prior to July 1, 2022.

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Transportation Program Guide

Current Projects

Projects can be found on the MeckProcurement site and the NC Interactive Purchasing System (search Mecklenburg County).

Snapshot: Projects at a Glance

Snapshot: Projects at a Glance provides a listing of upcoming  contract opportunities in Mecklenburg County. Please note: the listing is not exclusive of every project and is subject to change without notice.  

Capability Statement

A capability statement is a business document that is used to highlight a business's capabilities through opportunities for marketing, promotion, networking, introduction, and contracting.  It gives businesses the opportunity to present a high-level overview of their company, services, and products.  When written effectively, a capability statement could open doors to contracting opportunities and will differentiate your business from your competitor(s), helping to reinforce your brand, proposition, and competitive advantage for existing and potential customers.

The BDI Program provides no-cost technical assistance with capabilitystatements.

Need Assistance?

The BDI Program provides free technical assistance with capability statements.

You can also email [email protected] or call 980-314-2945.